Viera, FL, Real Estate Data and Analysis, April 2017

Viera, FL Real Estate Data

Viera, FL Real Estate Market Data - As of April 1, 2017

A snapshot of Viera, FL real estate market data as 4/1/17. Data set includes total number of properties on the market, percentage of pending sales and rentals, and high and low price points. This Viera real estate data is intended to provide a high-level overview of the health of the real estate market in Viera, FL. Some analysis and insights are provided below the data.

Real Estate Market Data

Residential Sales

  • Total Homes For Sale: 222
  • Homes With Sale Pending: 81
  • Percentage of Homes Pending Sale: 36.4%
  • Price Range of Available Homes For Sale: $105,000 - $1,700,000

Residential Rentals

  • Total Homes For Rent: 54
  • Homes With Rental Contract Pending: 15
  • Percentage of Homes Pending Rental: 27.7%
  • Price Range of Available Homes For Rent: $925 - $3,100

Real Estate Data Analysis

A quick scan of the data reveals that approximately 1/3 of all available homes in Viera, Florida are under contract. This is an indicator of a healthy real estate market in Viera.

Prices continue to climb month over month and new construction starts are also on the rise, especially in the new section of Viera West, south of Wickham Road. Construction crews are building roadways at a fast pace, getting closer and closer to the eventual connection with the Pineda Causeway West Extension to the South. The home construction crews are close behind as the new neighborhoods of Viera West seem to be popping up overnight.

The snowbirds are leaving en masse now that it is beginning to heat up in the area and the winter is coming to an end in the Northern states. It will be interesting to see what effect this exodus will have on the real estate data for next month, especially the number of homes for rent.

Please check back for next month's data and please feel free to comment below.