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The Viera Real Estate Guide is an inclusive guide to all aspects of real estate in Viera, FL. This includes access to neighborhood and community information, access to real estate agents who specialize in buying and selling real estate in Viera and ancillary resources such as builders, attorneys, home inspectors, surveyors, contractors and mortgage lenders who can help facilitate your Viera real estate transaction. This guide also contains information about the Viera community in general including a restaurant guide, a golf guide, a lodging guide, as well as local attractions and events.

What is the purpose of the Viera Real Estate Guide?

The purpose of the Viera Real Estate Guide is to serve as an online resource for people considering moving to the Viera area. This guide will help you explore the area online, before physically visiting the the Viera area. In addition to our wealth of local real estate knowledge, our guide also provides information and articles about where to eat, where to stay and what to do while in the Viera area. Our guide also serves as a resource for locals looking to learn more about the area in which they live.

Who runs the Viera Real Estate Guide?

The Viera Real Estate Guide is run by local Viera residents, with first hand knowledge of the Viera area, and is a service of W3X Media, LLC. W3X Media has over 20 years of experience in developing online portals, such as the Viera Real Estate Guide. W3X Media is proud to have launched the Viera Real Estate Guide in March of 2017 and looks forward to providing this valuable resource for many years to come.

Please leave us a comment below and let us know what you think of our Viera Real Estate Guide. What other features would you like to see?

Welcome to Viera!